About The Fundraising

Hello!  Thank you for visiting Loved Near And Far.  We were inspired to merge our passion for adoption with our family-owned custom screen printing business in order to help other families raise money for their adoptions. 
We sell unique, inspirational printed shirts, and $10 from every shirt purchased goes directly to a family who is in the process of adopting a child.  You can view our items in the online store.  Even more great items are coming soon! 
If you would like to register with us to become one of our partner families, fill out and submit the questionaire in the "Start My Fundraiser" tab.  After reviewing your information, we will contact you to finalize any details and ask/answer any questions as needed. 
When you are one of our partner families, your name and place you are adopting from and/or your blog address will appear on our homepage.  Website visitors have the opportunity to learn about your family (be inspired by your story), and they can make their purchases in your name.  You can also email your friends and family about the Loved Near And Far fundraiser, and direct them to our website for their shirt purchases.  Posting about your Loved Near And Far fundraiser on Facebook or Twitter will give you even broader outreach.  $10 from every shirt purchased in your name will come directly back to you to help with your adoption costs.
At checkout from our online store, each customer has the opportunity to indicate which family will receive the $10 per shirt purchased.  There is also a place for additional donations, if someone feels led to donate to your family beyond the $10 per shirt.  Customers can choose to be named or anonymous.  Each week we will update you on your totals and on the names of the donors (unless they wish to remain anonymous), and at the conclusion of your fundraiser, we will mail you a check from our parent company, River City Threads, New Braunfels, TX. 
Thank you so much for considering becoming a partner family with us.  We look forward to helping you with funds to bring your child home!
Alison and Lyman
Below is a sample of what you might want to include on an email or on a post to your favorite social media sites to let everyone know about your Loved Near And Far fundraiser.  You will tailor your message to fit your own needs and preferences, but here are some things you might want to include...
1. age and gender of child you are adopting, and his/her name (if allowed by country) or new name you will give
2. photo of child (if it is allowed by the country from which you are adopting)
3. progress report of where you are in the adoption paperwork/timeframe/fundraising process
4. our www.lovednearandfar.com website address and info about us
5. a list or description of your favorite t-shirts or other products that are available on our website
6. a breakdown of how purchases will help your fundraising efforts
7. the end date of your fundraiser (so friends know a date by which to make pruchases for free shipping)
8. a "thank you" for caring and praying for your family through the process
A sample of what a family might email to their contacts...
"Dear Friends and Family,
       As you know, we have expectantly prayed for the day that God would show us a glimpse of our new daughter.  Well, last night we received a picture of her from our agency!  We are thrilled to announce that we have been matched with a precious three-year old little girl from the Sha'anxi province of China!  Our new daughter will be joining our family in a few months, so as we complete the paperwork, we are also gathering the funds we will need to travel to get her!  All we need now to complete the adoption is about $10,000 which will cover our airfare and hotel expenses while in country and the final fees for her new US passport to be issued! 
       Here is how you can help.  Please continue to pray for us.  This is a long and emotional process.  Also, join us in a fantastic fundraiser! We have become a partner family with Loved Near And Far, a t-shirt company that is set-up to help families raise money for their adoptions!  They sell unique, inspiring t-shirts that have positive messages about families and faith, and the shirts are 100% comfy ringspun cotton and made in the USA!  $10 from every shirt purchased will come directly to us to help with our last money needed for the adoption - just put our name in the comments section at checkout when you place your order.  We LOVE their shirts and have already purchased the 'A Child is Waiting in China' shirts, the 'I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Mom' shirt (for myself and to give as gifts to several friends!), and the 'Must Be Present to Win' shirt!  Our fundraiser will run for two weeks, so be sure to visit the website www.lovednearandfar.com by (date) to place your order.  Everyone who lives near us can choose to have their items shipped for free to our home and you can pick them up here, or you can select individual shipping for a small fee.  We were thinking... if even just 100 of you purchased a shirt, that would provide $1,000 toward our last $10,000 needed! (Plus you would all be wearing the coolest shirts ever!)  :)  So, go take a look, and let us know what you think... and spread the word!  Feel free to forward this to everyone you know and post it on your facebook page.  We appreciate all your help and prayers.  LOVE YOU!"
Or a second, shorter example...
"We are in the last phase of paperwork and fundraising to bring Yuliya home!  Here is how you can help!  Go to www.lovednearandfar.com and purchase a cool, inspirational shirt in our name (put "for Yuliya Jacobson" in comment section at checkout) by (date), and we receive $10 back from every shirt purchased.  With just 200 shirt purchases, we will complete our final $2,000 fundraising goal!  Thanks for your help and pass this on!  Ukraine, here we come!"

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